Everest and PTSD

I fretted about writing this article. I’m not a climber. I tell myself I have no right to be emotional about a film depicting other people’s tragedies. I have no right to make my experience in Nepal more significant than anybody else’s.

But I’m still going to tell you all about it. Maybe then my brain won’t be so stuck, unable to hurdle the wide gap between the scariest things I thought could happen at Base Camp and the scarier things that did.

Fascinating article by Svati Kirsten Narula, “I survived the deadliest day in Everest’s history, and I’m still surviving it” Quartz (September 25, 2015).: http://qz.com/509641/everest-base-camp-avalanche-i-survived-the-deadliest-day-and-im-still-surviving-it/

2-everest-base-campPicture of Everest Base Camp from http://jrmfoundation.org/nobounds/

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