Wearing race?

Mr. Velasquez-Manoff writes:

And here’s what kept nagging at me as I reported: even as science tells us there’s no biological basis for many of the ideas we’ve inherited on race, one can sense a yearning in this soon-to-be majority minority country for acknowledgement that we do actually differ according to our ancestry, and that we shouldn’t all be held to one, in this case mostly northern European, physical standard.

The Night Circus

This month’s book club book was The Night Circus, an interesting debut novel from Erin Morgenstern.  I thought the chronological organization of the unnumbered chapters was challenging enough that I made a graphic for the group.

The Night Circus 2

Most of the chart is taken up by the chapter list, with two additions — chapter numbers and the paperback pagination.  To the left is a character list, with the chapter at which each character makes his or her entrance.

The important part of the chart, though, is the section at the bottom which shows how the three threads of story are woven together.  The black boxes are Celia and Marco’s story, the grey boxes follow Bailey, Widget & Poppet, and the red boxes are the reader/Reveur’s story.

Hope this helps your enjoyment of the book.