Pastoral Prayer 09/25/2022

O Holy Father, we come before you 
	by the authority of your Son, Jesus, and 
		in the power of your Spirit.

We come because we are creatures, 
	but you made us and understand us;
We come because we are weak, 
	but you can do more than we can imagine;
We come because we are sick, 
	but you can heal our diseases;
We come because we are ashamed, 
	but you took away all our shame through the sacrifice of Jesus;
We come because we are frightened, 
	but you can hold back whatever might harm us; 
We come because we are lonely,
	but you will never leave us;
We come because we are fearful, 
	but your love casts out all fear;
We come because we are injured, 
	but you can repair whatever has been damaged;
We come because we are uncertain, 
	but you hold every single strand of our futures;
We come because we are tempted, 
	but you offer us a way of escape;
We come because we are sinful,
	but you give us grace and forgiveness.

In your presence we ask these things:

For those who are sick of body, 
we ask health, knowing that you understand perfectly the bodies you have made, and can heal—with or without medicine; with or without doctors; in this life or in the next.

For those who are mired in sin, whether of anxiety, or lust, or gluttony, or pride, or anger:
we ask that each would see the sin, and hate it and call out to you for mercy, forgiveness, and deliverance.

For those who are embarking on new paths:
we ask for wisdom and insight and blessing, and we ask for strength, perseverance and faithfulness.

For those who are dealing with difficult relationships:
we ask for patient obedience, wise words, and a willingness to let you work.  

For those who are wearied by the world:
we ask for grace to continue, renewed endurance, and confidence in your leading.  

We come to you Father, 
because of the love which you have for us, 
	the power you display in creation
		and the peace which you offer. 
Teach us to sing your praise and follow your Son.
Teach us to be one in your Spirit.


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