“Something to write home about”

Amanda Ann Platt, “Diamond in the Rough” (2017):

You see the way he smiles
I bet he's never been alone
I bet he's got the sweetest little thing
Waiting for him at home

I don't care what people say
Nobody escapes
If you have a heart
Now and then you're gonna have a little heartache
A little heartbreak

    'Cause everybody wants to be
    Something to write home about
    A little more than what you see
    A diamond in the rough
    Everybody wants to be somеbody
           Somebody could love

That woman in the chеckout line
Ruining everybody's day
You know nobody's born that angry
So how you think she got to be that way

So when a stranger meets your eye
Be the one that smiles first
Nobody ever died from a little kindness
No matter what you heard
No matter what you heard


When it comes to promises
I might write some I can't cash
It's only 'cause I want you to be happy baby
Tell me what's so wrong with that


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