Pray for Haiti

From a pastor friend in Haiti (slightly edited):

We are experiencing one of the worst moments in Haiti right now as widespread protests have now turned violent.  In the capital, politicians' homes and some businesses are being attacked and looted.   Everything is on hold and we do not know for how long. . . . The past Saturday night someone paid $175.00 for 5 gallons of gasoline from a vendor on the street and the vendor told him it was a favor.  Roadblocks are everywhere and as of this Wednesday morning, September 14th, no one knows what the next day will look like. Schools have yet to open and businesses are closed. . . .
Frustration, uncertainty, despair, poverty, anger, depression are the sentiments being expressed. To make things worse, the government has just announced a 65% increase on fuel prices.  We are moving towards a dark part of the history that will be written for Haiti as banks, gas stations and individual's homes are being destroyed. The banks in the metropolitan area have announced their closures and the different ones in the provinces are following suit as everything in this country is centralized. Stores are closed, streets are empty, restaurants are closed and no one knows for how long?  
We are still holding church services and I'm glad to report they are packed! . . . As I woke up this morning I prayed for protection for God's children:
  • I prayed for protection of the innocent ones that are being manipulated by the schemes and tactics of the evildoers. 
  • I prayed for God’s justice to be executed towards those who have brought the country to the dump into which it has fallen.
  • I prayed for God’s provision for those in greater needs who can’t even afford the basic necessities of life. 
  • I prayed for God to strike the unconscionable politicians who continue year after year to keep the country in bondage. 
. . . please pray for the people of Haiti, that God will spare lives and draw them to Himself.  


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